Monday, December 23, 2013

'Twas The Night Before . . .

Aren’t you just a little excited?  A little?  Maybe a lot?  Have to admit, I am.

A little bit of shopping and wrapping to do, but that’s okay.  Last minute stuff.  To be expected. 

Today, we drive Emily to visit a childhood friend.  Been friends forever, it seems and the only time they get together is this time of year when we travel back home.  (Funny that after five or six years, I still call Wisconsin home.)  Hannah visits her old friends later in the week and again, the only time she really gets to spend time with them. 

Tomorrow, family drifts in so we’re all together again.  Only time that happens, except for weddings and funerals, right?  Then, we head to church- one of my favorite services.  Look forward to it each year.

In the next few days, I’ll drive my family to my brother’s house for a visit.  We’ll stop in and see my mom and spend time for her.  She turns 99.  Pretty cool to be that old.  Saw a lot.  Saw much.  Lived it too.  And we’ll see more family and visit and talk and reminisce and catch up.  Lots of stories.  Retold many times, over and over.  Doesn’t get old, at least for me.


As kids, we looked forward to the presents.  What did we get?  Who got what?  Whose stack is biggest?

As an adult, I like the presents, but I like to watch everyone open their presents up.  Mostly, I like the visits, the laughter, the stories.  And of course, the food.  Lots of it.  Way more than I need.


A really good word.  A nice word.  One of expectation, of expecting.  A word of mystery, of surprise, of suspense. 

What’s around the corner?  What’s in store?  What’s down the road, around the bend?  What’s in the future?  What are the plans? 


May your surprises, your mysteries be good to you.  May they be joyous.  May they bring you laughter.  May they bring a tear or two so you can appreciate the good we have, we see, we share.  May your surprises bring you hope and of course, love.  May you recognize the small, as well as the big.

May each of you find all you need and so much more.  May there always be love in your heart, a sparkle in your eyes, a kind word on your tongue, warmth in your heart.  May there always be someone to stand with you, beside you.  May there always be someone to lend a hand when it gets hard, a word of encouragement when you feel like giving up, light when you might not know your way.  And may each of us be all of that to others.  Each of us.  Something to think about . . .  today, each day, always.

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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