Friday, June 5, 2015


There have been a number of Endings in my life, probably yours, too.  Some have been expected, while others take us by surprise.  The old saying, “Life happens!”

Late May and early June, teams compete in playoffs, mostly a one and done deal.  You win, you keep playing.  You lose, you go home.  The NBA playoffs are taking place and all the teams have been eliminated except for the final two: Golden State and Cleveland.  Nice to see two teams who haven’t been in the finals in a long time get there to compete.  Refreshing, actually.

At school, we’re towards the end of “testing season.”  As a teacher, you are acutely aware of what I mean.  Kids and most parents are, too.  AP tests, followed by State Mandated Tests, followed by final exams.  Oh, what fun!

And then, commencement for seniors, to mark the end of their twelve year journey, while the underclassmen wave goodbye only to return in the fall. 

Some of our brethren, our colleagues are retiring, which is a whole other Ending to consider.  They’ve put in their time, paid their dues, and are closing one chapter of their lives only to open another.  Bittersweet for them.  For us as well.  But, “Life happens!”

Ever get to the end of a book and not really want to put it down?  Ever wonder ‘what happens next?’  Ever wonder if this character or that character would have done something differently to change the outcome in some way?  A really good book stays with you, as do the characters.  I guess movies do, too, but I’ve always preferred a book.  But in our imagination, in our hearts, a good book lasts long after the Ending and resides in our heart.


Got me thinking . . .

I’ve always believed that there are no real Endings.  Not really. 

To me, each Ending signifies a new beginning.  Kind of like day turning to night only to turn back to day.  Summer to fall, to winter, to spring.  And even though the NBA finals, along with the Super Bowl are playing or have ended, there is and will be a new season to begin, already has begun. 

I don’t find Endings dark or morbid, because I anticipate the “what comes next?” 

Some, I suppose might see it as unsettling, while I tend to look at it with anticipation.  Maybe an Ending might cause a bit of trepidation, a little anxiety, but I’ve always been a hopeful person, a Pollyanna kind of guy.  Mostly a glass half-full guy.

I think if we choose to look at Endings as beginnings, our outlook changes.  Instead of doom and gloom, there can be, if one chooses . . . and it is a choice for us, for you and I . . . it can be exciting.  I think that attitude, that choice, ultimately impacts those around us, those in our lives, as well as ourselves.  Try seeing Endings as Beginnings.  It might change, and challenge your outlook.  It might cause you to smile.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!