Tuesday, December 10, 2013

In Need Of Balance

You know, when I push away from the Thanksgiving table, I know without a doubt I over did it.  Stuffed, and I’m not just talking the turkey, though some would argue I am a turkey.  They might be right.  Probably right.

I think most of us feel like that after a Thanksgiving dinner.  Not the turkey part, but the stuffed part.  Who doesn’t?  Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, pie.  Lots of pie!

And then we feel bloated.  More than just full.  Mostly, ready to explode.

In Need Of Balance.

School was canceled for the past two days.  Snow, sleet, ice.  Unsafe for buses and unsafe for young drivers.  Needed to proceed with caution.  Better to be safe.

Nature dumped on us like it does sometimes.  We reacted and created balance.

Of course, a pile of work awaits me upon my return.  Observations, the write ups, the post observation conferences.  Games rescheduled for another day.  Lessons that had been prepared will be taught another day, but then those lessons taught another day, and on, and on.

In Need Of Balance.

Sometimes our words, our actions, perhaps our lack of words and our inactions cause us to be out of Balance.  We tangle with each other, ourselves.  We harm ourselves, perhaps others, knowingly, mostly unknowingly . . . at least I would hope so. 

There is the need to gather ourselves, to find our center, to find the mid-point.  There is the need to find the Balance between action and inaction, to find the Balance between words and silence, to find the Balance between too much and not enough.

Each year, one of our teachers organizes a food drive to feed those families who might not have much to eat.  Kids and teachers contribute hundreds of pounds to feed many who just don’t have.  This year, our social worker put up a tree in the staff workroom and instead of ornaments, had possible items that could be purchased and donated to families who don’t have much or nothing at all.  Within 30 minutes, the tree was stripped clean.  All items taken by staff willing to help contribute.  So, she put more items on the tree, only to find those items taken by willing staff members.. 

Each year, my administrative team delivers poinsettias to each staff member as a way of saying thank you, as a way of saying we appreciate what you do, what you’ve done.  This year, several of my staff members suggested that we give inexpensive gift cards, such as Starbucks, Subway.  They reasoned that then, those staff members who want to can give their cards to our social worker who can then give them to needy families.  Pretty cool idea.

In Need Of Balance.

We can create Balance.  I believe we seek Balance.  We have in our nature to be in Balance.  We know intuitively when we are out of Balance.  We feel it: in our body, in our mind, in our soul.  And I believe it is in our nature to help others create Balance when we recognize those who are close to us are out of Balance.  And, as adults, it is so very important to help our children learn to maintain Balance in their lives, in their souls, and in their minds.  Such a very important lesson to learn.  One of our greatest charges, I think.  Our future, their future, depends upon this.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!




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