Friday, December 27, 2013

After The Party

Just a few cookies remain. A bit of ham.  Presents mostly tucked away.  Gift cards and gift cash spent or planned for.  Next step is to take down the decorations and take the tree to the curb.

Of course, this is after we drive the almost 1,000 miles home. 

Tired.  Worn out.  Bushed. 

Funny how that cycle of emotion ebbs and flows.  From the Anticipation I wrote about just last Tuesday, to now, the feeling of Tiredness.  Up, then Down.

The kids spent the night with childhood friends.  Friends they hadn’t seen in ages.  The house was too quiet last night.  Quite the departure from the hustle and bustle of just a day or so ago when there were more cousins and aunts and uncles around that filled the little house with noise, and laughter, and joy, and stories that brought even more laughter.

After The Party.  Time to recharge.

But . . .

We can’t lose, mustn’t lose the feeling of joy we brought to others.  The joy that was in their eyes, in their voices.  We can’t lose the joy we brought not only to others, but to ourselves because of our giving, because of trying to create and carve out joy for others in sometimes an uncaring world that sometimes brings careless words and careless actions into our lives. 

A time for rest.  A time to recharge. 

But then, to begin anew to create joy, to bring joy to others, and thereby creating joy, bringing joy to ourselves.  To our world and to those who depend upon us for this very thing.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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