Friday, December 13, 2013

My Christmas Wish!

Kim and I dutifully ask our kids for their Christmas list at this time of year, every year.  When the kids were younger, their lists were lengthy, but there has never been anything too extravagant or outlandish.  As they got older, their lists have become noticeably shorter and a lot more predictable: videos, a cd or two, gift cards to their favorite clothing stores (man, had I known, I would have bought stock!).  In fact, not only have their lists become shorter and more predictable, Kim and I had to remind them several times so we could go shopping for them.

And in turn, the kids will ask us what we want.  Hmmm . . .

You know, as I get older, I’m harder to buy for, though much of what I want isn’t in stores.  Probably wouldn’t fit in a stocking.  Not sure if Santa could fit it into his sleigh or get it down the chimney.

So, what do I want?

I’d like continued health as I get older.  I don’t want to worry about routine doctor’s visits and what he/she will find.  I want the glaucoma in my left eye to stop growing, so I don’t have to worry about what I will or won’t be able to see.

My mom turns 99 years old in two weeks.  I’d like to see her get to a hundred or beyond, even if she doesn’t necessarily remember me even after I remind her two or three times in a visit.  Turning a 100 years old would be a really neat gift . . . I think for her, for me, for our family.

My extended family has gone through some tough times lately.  Jared passed away in October.  My sister-in-law is battling an aggressive cancer.  My sister is slowly, painfully ill and had to be hospitalized until . . .  One of my other sisters almost died once a while ago, but survived.  She can’t get around like she once could, though she’s what we would call “a gamer” and does her best.  I’ve gotten closer to her lately and want that relationship to grow.  Not ready yet for that to end.  I’d like for my extended family to have a peaceful lull.  To have peace.  Nothing but joy, laughter at least for a little while.

I want my kids to be happy, to be successful, to enjoy a life they choose.  I want my kids to survive the bumps along the way and for them to know that I love them so very much and that I always will even if I get grouchy now and then, or picky, or pushy.  That I will always support them.  Always love them.  Always.  And that I would do anything and everything I could for them.  And even more if I could.

I want those kids in my school who don’t have much, to have much, to have at least enough.  To not go hungry.  To not worry about what or when they are going to eat or where they will sleep.  To not worry about their mom or dad who are and have been out of work trying to make ends meet.

I want the teachers in my school who are suffering quietly, who are worrying silently, who are battling something terrifying in their lives to have peace, to experience joy, to be embraced by warmth and comfort, by a gentle touch, a knowing nod, and to know that they aren’t alone and don’t have to go it alone.  There are a number of them I know about, and I’m sure, a number of them I don’t know about.

I want my wife and I to grow old together.  To continue to laugh, to experience joy with each other, to know what each of us is thinking without ever having to tell the other.  I want her to know she is my best friend, my very best friend.  Always has been and always will be.

I suppose there is a lot more I could put on my list.  A lot more.  Not sure how Santa will work this list out or fit it all onto his sleigh or down the chimney.  Not sure where my kids will shop for it all.  Not sure if they have enough money in their wallet for it all.  But this is my Christmas Wish.  For me . . . for you . . . for all of us.  Something to hope for.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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