Friday, February 14, 2014

Life Comes In Waves

We’ve not had a full week of school since I don’t remember when, all due to snow and ice and freezing temperatures.  The most recent days off were Thursday and Friday of this week.  And Kim and I moved here thinking that we’d be out of the snow and cold.  Ha!  Not hardly!

Dutifully, Kim, Emily and I would traipse out to the driveway dressed like we lived in Alaska, drag our shovels, and start digging away.  Takes quite a bit of time, but with three of us working at it, it gets done.  Aches and pains and feeling every bit of my years, I pop Ibuprofen like Skittles.

Then, it snows again.

So, out we go again, this time minus Emily, and Kim and I dig and shovel.  This time the snow banks are a little higher, so we have to carry the shovel-full a bit further and throw it higher.

Then, the plow comes along and seals up the end of the driveway with more snow, and this time, delivers icy chunks.

So, out we go yet again.

Doesn’t seem to end.  Looking at the ten day forecast, more to come, only we don’t have any clue how much.

And I’m sure, out we’ll go again.

Kind of like life.  Both the good and the bad hit us, batter us, challenge us, and we either step up with our shovels or retreat until it melts?  Goes away?  Is no more?

Life Comes In Waves.

There isn’t ever one snow storm.  There are many.  There is never just one wave.  There are many.  And like waves, or snow, or rainy days, they keep coming, just as the sunny days and the warm weather keep coming.

Life Comes In Waves.

As many warm days as there are, there will be cool or cold days.  As many sunny days as there are, there will be cloudy and rainy days.

As many happy moments as there are in our lives, there will be days of disappointment, even sadness.  As many days of smiles as there are in our lives, there will be days of tears.  And as many days in our lives where there are no worries, there will be days where we fret over things big and small.  As many days as there are when we feel life’s riches can’t shower us any further, there will be days when it feels like we are in a drought, when the river . . . our life . . . is dry.

Life Comes In Waves.

Mountain peaks and valleys.  Wave crests and troughs.  Sunshine and rain.  Warm weather and cold.  Days when we feel on top of the world, and days when we feel so very down that we cannot go any further.  Life comes in waves.  Happy and sad and all the in betweens.  Life Comes In Waves.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!


  1. So true, Joseph, life comes in waves. This winter is almost like the ones I remember my parents talking about when they used to jump out of the 2nd-story window into a snow bank.

    Also, just wanting to let you know I nominated you for a 7-In-One-Award. The link is: ~~ I’m happy to share you with my readers.

  2. Pat, I'm honored. Thank you for thinking of me and for your comments.

  3. As a maturing adult, I see this ever so clear life comes in waves. For me it's finding that spiritual perspective.

  4. Thank you for your comment. I'm happy you visited my blog and enjoyed the post.


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