Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Answering The Call

Back in March of 1979, I had a team playing in the state championship game.  It was a terrific group of kids.  They were hardworking, never ever quit, hard-nosed- you name it, they were all of that.  They were also young.  That year, I graduated five seniors, three of whom started.  In that particular game, it was close.  As I recall, we were up by three, maybe four points in the third quarter, and then my “star” picked up his fourth foul.  We had one quarter and some quarter to go.  My “star” was my leading scorer, second on the team in rebounds.  He led from the free throw line.  He was second in assists.  He was my acknowledged leader.  Naturally, I made the decision to pull him until we absolutely needed him, sometime in the fourth quarter.  I couldn’t shake the feeling that our season might come to an abrupt end.  But because I was the coach and because the kids looked up to me, I put on my brave face.  Heck, in that particular case, appearance was everything.

I pulled a sophomore from the bench to take the “star’s” place.  Rod would never be considered a “star” by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.  Quiet, unassuming, Rod was the type of guy who was the epitome of the definition of “role player.”

All Rod did during the stretch that the “star” was on the bench was grab two crucial defensive rebounds, snare an offensive rebound and put it back up for a score, block two shots, and collected one steal.  He could have folded.  The team could have folded.  After all, we were a young team.  My point guard, another sophomore and the brother of the “star” kept the team together.  Yet another sophomore picked up the scoring slack.

Answering The Call.

I have a nephew, Rick, a fireman who is also an EMT.  Doesn’t matter about the weather.  Doesn’t matter about the time of day.  When there is a call, Rick and his team are on the run to the rescue.  My wife, Kim, knew from the fifth grade that she wanted to teach Physical Education.  Just knew it.  It was her dream.  Her love.  And, that’s what she does even now, oh so many years later.  I have teachers in my building who spent 40 plus years standing in front of kids teaching their craft.  Many of those same teachers, and other teachers who are nowhere near 40 years in front of a classroom, are teaching way beyond the “curriculum” and teach life, and teach love, and teach service to others, and teach and offer hope.

Answering The Call.

Noah had a decision to make according to the story.  Build a big ol’ boat and collect the animals.  I imagine that his neighbors ridiculed him.  Called him names.  Probably thought he was a tad crazy.  Jonah tried to run and hide, ignoring his call.  Legend says that he was swallowed and spewed up on shore.  Now frankly, getting swallowed is one thing, getting spewed out is quite another.  Eventually, he went and did what he was supposed to do in the first place.

Answering The Call.

I think each of us has a calling.  I think each of us is called.  Some are called to great and glorious things.  Some are called to do routine things that perhaps aren’t noticed without an untrained eye.  Those are the ones who make the world . . . our world . . . go round and round.  They are the ones who help us to function, who play a significant part, yet who sometimes go unnoticed. 

Answering The Call.

Some are called heroes.  Some just go about their business, their work, spend their time.  Some are happy.  Some, well, not so much.  Some happily Answered Their Call, while others chose a different path and answered a different call.  We’ve all answered one call or another.  Each of us.  Each of us don our work clothes, grab our lunch pail, and set about to do the work we signed up for.  Each of us.  We’re all a part of it, you and me, and the others.  One no better, one no less than the other.  Each of us . . . all of us . . . Answered The Call.  The Call of Life.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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