Friday, April 24, 2015

Under Construction

It’s always nice to have something brand new to move to.

Everything is clean and shiny.  There is the “new” smell.  Even though the old might be comfortable, I think anything new brings about a smile.

Yes, there is the “getting used to it” time when we aren’t sure of where things are, or how things work, or where things go.  But . . . it is still new.

And, there can be snags.  There can be delays.  There can be some miscommunication.  There can be some misunderstanding. 

Weather causes delays.  Rain, snow, cold- each impacts the “time frame for delivery” (even this old guy is learning the language of construction).  Recently, we were told that the move to our new school building would be delayed a couple of weeks.  Who knows?  If there is additional weather-related or construction problems, it could be another couple of weeks.  But . . . it is still new.

And then once we’re in the new building, we’ll have to deal with the boxes and “stuff” of the move.  Kind of frustrating.  A bit aggravating.  A bit tedious.  But . . . it is still new.

I think the part of construction I don’t like is the actual construction itself.  I don’t like the “ugly” stage.  You know, the mud, the dust, the “stuff” around and out of place.  I’d rather see the new building more towards the completed stage. 

I felt that way about our house as it was being built.  Of course, Kim and I would drive past it, maybe sneak into it to see the tile floor, the ceramic back splash.  But even then, I honestly, I’d rather wait until the construction was almost completed before I wandered about.

But is a building really ever “finished” or “completed”? 

I don’t think so.  There will always be a paint job to do.  Waxing to do.  Things to add, maybe remove.  There will be things to remember and moments when we sit back and say, “Should have thought of that.  We need that.”

Got me thinking . . .

Constructing a building is kinda, sorta like constructing ourselves . . . us . . . you and me.

Just as a building is seldom, if ever, “done” or “finished”, I think we are seldom, probably never, finished.  We are always Under Construction.

It’s in our nature to want to do better, to be better, to want to improve.  And just as with a new building or a home, there is the ugly stage, the “Now what?” stage, and inevitably, the “Should have thought of that.  We . . . I need that.”  A new building or a new home is seldom perfect, and, we aren’t either.

There is the “ugly” stage we tend to go through as we “become” different than that which we were.  At times, we feel and act awkward.  And as we become closer to that person we wish to become, we discover, just as we did with the building, there will be things to remember and moments when we sit back and say, “Should have thought of that.  I need that.”

Just as with the building, we are never really ever “done” because there is always something else to do, to change.  Becoming is a verb.  It’s action.  If we are trying to improve, trying to become, we keep moving and don’t remain in place.  And we will never be perfect.  Never.  I think if we recognize this in ourselves . . . in others . . . we will be a bit happier in the long run.  You and I are always and will forever be Under Construction.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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