Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Lesson From A Life

About a year and a half ago, Lauren Hill was just like any other high school senior getting ready for college.  College applications, SATs and ACTs and the quest for financial aid.  All of it, just like any other high school senior.  The stress of finishing her senior year strong, dates and dances, all of it.  She loved soccer, but evidently liked basketball more because she decided to play basketball at Mount St. Joseph University.


Several weeks later as she played a basketball game for her high school team, she experienced dizziness.  She underwent tests to determine the cause and the tests revealed a tumor.  An inoperable tumor.


In an interview with the Associated Press, she stated, “I’m spreading awareness and also teaching people how to live in the moment because the next moment’s not promised.  Anything can happen at any given moment.  What matters is right now.”


Hmmm . . .


This nineteen year old co-founded a nonprofit foundation and helped raise $1.5 million.  She continued to be a high school senior.  She continued to smile.  She continued to live.


To live.


I wrote an earlier post titled “I Lived!” that spoke about the importance of living in the moment.  I wrote about not leaving anything to chance.  I wrote about the importance of embracing each moment and fully and completely living in it because one never knows when that next moment would be taken from us.


It happened to my son, who nine months ago today (as I write this post on this sunny April 12th morning), my son walked down a street and was shot in the back and killed by a stray bullet.  It happened to my nephew as he stood on the shoulder of an icy road and was hit and killed by a car that hit the same icy patch he had hit earlier.  


Two kids who, moments before, had no worries or cares.  Just being kids.


It has happened to others, young and old.


There seems to be an important truth here to consider: life needs to be lived.  Each moment needs to be lived.  A moment and a life that we . . . you and I . . . cannot take for granted.  Life and each moment is to be fully and completely lived.


This past Friday, April 10th, Lauren Hill lost her battle with the tumor that couldn’t be operated on.  And while Lauren lost her battle, she never gave in to the realization that her life was ending.  She was too busy living. 


Too busy with college.  Too busy with studies.  Too busy with her family.  Too busy with her friends.  Too busy with life.  Too busy.


A Lesson From A Life.


A Lesson From Lauren’s Life:  Never to give up, never to give in, never to quit, never to take anything for granted.  To live each day, each moment fully and completely because as she so eloquently said, “. . . live in the moment because the next moment’s not promised.  Anything can happen at any given moment.  What matters is right now.” Something to think about . . .


Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!


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