Friday, October 18, 2013

Life Guard On Duty!

My wife, Kim, loves the water.  I think she’s half-fish.  (Thankfully, without gills, fins or a tail.)

For our tenth anniversary, Kim and I went to the Bahamas with some very dear friends.  It was so much fun.  The resort was all-inclusive.  Five swimming pools.  White sandy beach and clear blue ocean.   

Peaceful.  Restful.  Relaxing.  Adults only!  (A trip without the kids!  Just us!  Really!  It actually happened!)

The four of us decided to go on a catamaran snorkeling.  So, along with twenty or so others, out on the boat we went.  Some of those who went were younger, some were older.  The captain guided us out to a reef and we got ready.

Hmmm . . . I started this out telling you that Kim loves the water and that she’s half-fish.  Remember that?

I like water and I like the beach.  Just not getting wet or the sand.  Doesn’t work for me like it does for Kim.  I’m not comfortable in the water.  Okay, I’m sorta scared of the water.  I can float.  I can get from point A to point B if I go slowly, take my time.  That’s the only speed I know, really.  I actually swim better under water than on top of the water.  Heck, I swim on top of the water and people jump in to save me.  Okay, not really, but it seems like that.  Silly, really.  I mean, I grew up on a river.  Sailed our homemade raft on it.  I love boats, just not the water.  I know, I don’t get it either.

So . . .

John and I chickened out, while Kim and Karen went snorkeling.  They had fun.  Saw different colored fish.  A sting ray.  Played around.  Every now and then they’d wave at us and we’d wave back.  Felt childish, I guess.  Maybe a bit ashamed. 

Ever notice the sign at some beaches:  No Lifeguard On Duty.  Swim At Your Own Risk.

Rather ominous.  Sorta scary.  No one there to watch over you.  Protect you.  Keep you safe.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in deep water.  Dark water.  Rough water.  We don’t know what’s down there near our feet.  Under us.

Sometimes we drift out too far.  We have to tread water.  The waves might push us, pull us, lap over us.

I think there outta be a rule about Life Guards.  There should be a Life Guard On Duty all the time.  Someone to Guard Us.  Protect Us.  Warn us if we drift too far out.  And if we struggle and flail, a Life Guard to come get us and bring us safely back to shore.  A real Life Guard. 

I mean, lifeguards are necessary.  Important.  They save us at the beach if we need it.  They should be on duty all the time, not just some times.

But I think a Life Guard is even more important.  Guides us.  Guards us when we’re in deep water.  Water over our heads.  Protects us when we’re in rough water.  Unsafe water.  When we don’t know what’s under us.  When we’re out too far.  When we’re on our own.

And perhaps, it’s important to be a Life Guard for others.  For those around us.  Near us.  Those who work with us.  A Life Guard for those we love.  For those who are important to us.  Yes, I think a Life Guard is important.  Very important.  Very, very important.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!


  1. I enjoyed this...makes one think!

  2. Thank you, Charlene. I thank you for reading it and for your comment. I appreciate it. Joe

  3. I really enjoyed your post. I never saw myself as a Life Guard, but I guess I am. Thanks! Donna


Thank you for your comment. I welcome your thought. Joe