Friday, August 30, 2013

Your Vision

Readers:  This past week, I've been working with my teachers to get them ready for the beginning of another school year.  With that in mind, I decided to republish Your Vision.  It's not just for teachers, but it's for parents, for those who work with kids, for those who work alongside someone else.  Thanks, Joe

DeWitt Jones, Photographer for National Geographic, tells the story his father once told him about two stone cutters.  A man posed the question to one: “What are you doing?”  One stone cutter said, “Cutting stone.”  He posed the question to the other and the other answered, “I’m building a cathedral.”  Two men, same job doing the same work.  Two different viewpoints.  Two different Visions.
I have to admit that I am and have always been a ‘glass is almost full’ kind of guy.  Not ‘half full’ but really, ‘almost full’.  Growing up, Pollyanna was one of my favorite movies.  
 I never watched Winnie The Pooh until we had our first child, Hannah, but as I watched along with her, I found myself chuckling at Eeyore.  What a depressing Vision of life he had!   
Yet, each of us know at least one or two Eeyores, and I’m willing to bet that at times, we’ve been one too.  Sort of like Typhoid Mary, an Eeyore can bring down just about anyone.
Perhaps we need to consider if we are like Eeyore and looking for and expecting the bad to occur in life and only willing to see and express the negative.  Or, are we more like Pollyanna and looking for and expecting the good in life and in others and expressing the positive.   
Either way, we would be like Typhoid Mary spreading either negativity and sadness or positivity and joy.  You choose!  Something to think about . . .
Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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