Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In Fog

I’ve always been curious about Fog.

I know there’s a scientific reason for it, but I’ve always wondered about it.  The interesting thing about Fog is that you see it.  It’s there all around you.  But you can’t touch it.  You can’t feel it.  You can’t grab it.  You can’t put a bit in your pocket for safe keeping.  But Fog is there nonetheless. 

Fog is interesting that way.  Makes me curious.

My wife, Kim, gets up to run early every morning.  Usually way, way before the sun peeks over the trees and landscape behind our house.  Crazy that way.  Disciplined.  Far more disciplined than I am.  As she set out on her run that one morning, the sky was clear.  Dark, but clear.  The morning warm.  At least that is what she told me.  I was still sound asleep.

As she ran, she saw Fog developing eerily among the woods on either side of the street she runs on.  Eerily is the word she used.  In her words, it seemed to fall among the branches of the trees, making its way to the ground. 

Nothing one minute.  Then suddenly . . . there.  One minute nothing.  The next minute surrounded by Fog.  Everywhere. 

It came on suddenly.  Silently.  Quietly.  No warning.  No welcoming bell.  No shot from a starter’s pistol.  No “Ready . . . Set . . . Go!”  

When I woke up, the world  . . . my world . . . was shrouded In Fog.

As I do each and every morning, my first stop is at the bedroom windows overlooking our backyard.  I had trouble seeing the trees in the woods.  I knew they were there.  I see them every other morning.  Just not that morning.  The little pond was gone . . . swallowed up.  Absent.  I couldn’t see the cul de sac at the end of our block.  Gone.  Seemingly vanished.

I left for work with my headlights on.  I drove more slowly than I usually do.  Took my time.  I left earlier than I usually do.  Took caution.  Care.  Yet, I arrived at about the time I normally do.

At some point that morning, the sun broke through.  The sky turned to a brilliant blue.  Bright.  Cloudless.  Clear.  Clean. 

There are times when we find ourselves In Fog.

Ourselves.  Our world.  Our life.  Those around us.  Our loved ones.  All shrouded In Fog. 

Sometimes we’re not sure how Fog got there.  Not sure at all.  Clear, calm one minute.  In the
next . . .

Nothing one minute.  Then suddenly . . . there.  One minute nothing.  The next minute surrounded by Fog.  Everywhere.

Nothing clear.  No visibility.  Things that we know are there, vanished.  The clarity we usually have, gone.  Sometimes the judgment we normally have, absent.  Like the trees in my backyard, a way out, a path, a road, not visible.

Yet . . .

If we take our time . . .  if we move through life . . . that stretch of life . . . with our lights on, with precaution, with care, with deliberation and purpose, just like later that morning, the sun breaks through.  Things become brighter.  Clearer.  Cleaner.

If we take our time, if we take precaution, a bit more care, our thinking becomes sharper.  Decisions can be made safely, maybe easier.  With a little care.  With a little caution.  With a little extra time.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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