Friday, June 28, 2013

Searching For Light

Searching For Light 

About four years ago, some friends gave us a potted orchid as a housewarming gift.  We placed it on the windowsill above our sink and it eventually bloomed into a pale lilac flower.  We keep it in the sunlight and water it every other day.

Next to it is a dark red or burgundy plant that our youngest, Emily, got about four or five years ago to conduct a science experiment on. It doesn’t take as much water, but like the orchid, loves the sun.

They sit side by side on the windowsill soaking up sun and taking in the water we give to them.

In the four or five years we’ve had them, they’ve grown bigger, together, so Kim had to transplant them into bigger pots.

As the plants grow, the stalks or flowers reach out to the sun Searching For Light.  Eventually, they push against the screen, so I turn them to give the plants more room.  But in a day or so, the stalks and flowers are again pushing up against the screen, so I turn them once more.

On and on, over and over. 

It doesn’t matter how often I turn the plants, they continue Searching For Light.

When I lived in Southern California, one December it had rained for all or part of twenty-seven or twenty-eight days.  As I recall, the first several days were no big deal.  But as the days stretched onward, we became restless, irritable, and in general down in the dumps.  When the rain finally stopped and the sun reappeared just like it does most every day in Southern California, I saw people stop and stare up at the sun, me included. 

We became happier, more content, and our mood lightened.

Searching For Light.

People, like plants, seek out the sun.  We Search For Light.  Not only in the literal sense, but also in the figurative sense.  Living in darkness isn’t normal. I know it happens.  I know we need to recharge our ‘batteries’.  We need down time.  We need peace and quiet.

But we need light.  Like plants, we seek it. We Search For light.

And I contend that we must bring light to each other.  There are those who shine so brightly, who we enjoy being around, who just make us happy.  We seek them out.  And, unfortunately, there are those who bring darkness to us.  Who sap strength, happiness, and joy from us.

So, as you Search For Light, do you extend that light to others?  Do you bring joy and happiness to those around you?  As others around you Search For Light, do you shine it back to them?  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!   


  1. Thank you for the blog. I am motivated. :) I just had my candle lit up for those who are searching for light in their life.

  2. Thank you for your comment. And, thanks for being a "light" for others.


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