Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Suffer The Children

No, it should be, Suffer Not The Children!

Already this morning, I had a young lady in my office whose last day is Friday.  She’s being pulled out of school to live with a relative in Mississippi.  Already this morning, I had a lawyer in my office who was appointed by the judge to act as Guardian Ad Litem for a different young lady and her younger brother.  Already this morning, I saw a young man walking in the hallway by himself with his head down.  He raised it when he saw me, smiled and said, “Hello.”  It took six months to get him to smile and say hello to me.  Two weeks ago, I was in a room with kids who talked about having to steal food in order to eat.  A young lady, an honor’s student, talked about having to place rubber bands on sleeves and pant cuffs to keep cockroaches out of her clothing while she sleeps. A girl talked about not knowing where she will sleep that evening because they lost their home and they don’t have enough money for a motel.

Suffer Not The Children!

It has been a month or so since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  I had to wait this long in order to comment on it because it still brings tears to my eyes: the teacher who died, but saved her children by hiding them in a closet; the little boy who was wrapped in an aide’s arms as they comforted each other before they both died.  That image in particular will stay with me forever.  It is permanently etched in my memory.  I cannot fathom, cannot imagine the loss, the sadness, the devastation. And yes, I still get choked up when thinking about it.  More sad than anger, but I assure you, the anger is there bubbling just below the surface.

Suffer Not The Children!

Like many of you who read this and have children of your own, you would do anything you could to protect them.  If possible, you’d give them the sun, moon and stars as gifts, and move mountains out of their way so their journey through life is smooth.  Like many of you who read this and have children, you can picture their smiles, know their laughter from a crowd of other kids, know exactly what they’re thinking as they hear a particular song or watch a scene on TV or in a movie.  Going to a book store, you already know the kind of book they’ll gravitate to, their favorite flavor of ice cream, their favorite meal, what and who hurts their feelings.  Especially what and who hurts their feelings.

Suffer Not The Children!

My daughter, Emily, loves happy endings.  When I tell her that life is not a Disney movie, she states matter-of-factly, “Well, it ought to be!”  And she’s right.  It’s up to us to at least try to help our children grow intelligently, smartly, make wise and good decisions, to grow in grace and wisdom and have enough- more if possible, but at least enough.  To know that there are those of us who care about them, who love them, and who hurt so very much more than they do when they are hurt.  We can’t take away all the sorrow and pain from them, their struggle.  We can teach them that getting knocked down isn’t a big deal unless they don’t get back up.  And, we can be there with a hand to help them to get back on their feet, help dust them off and with a pat on the back, help them move along their path in life.  We can love them, and hold them, and listen to them, and be silent with them.  We can be there for them.

Suffer Not The Children!

Dear God, please, no more!  Not again!  Never again!  Please, Suffer Not The Children!

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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