Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Ever notice when you go to a pool or beach there are those brave souls who take a running start and sprint into the water and dive right in?  Then there are those, and I include me in this category, who wade in.  We first walk in getting our feet wet, then our legs up to our knees, then (heaven forbid!) our waist, then chest and shoulders and eventually, our head.  We do it slowly, carefully.  It takes time.  We get annoyed at those who splash around us. I mean, can’t they see we’re carefully preparing ourselves for the great submerge?

Relationships are often approached the same way.  There are those who dive right in, while there are those who take their time.  The reasons, the circumstances, the situations vary.  There isn’t a right or wrong way to approach relationships.  It comes down to comfort level.  I believe past experiences come into play.  Perhaps there are those who have been ‘burned’ in the past and as a result, are cautious.  There are those who are bold and no matter the time or place, they enter into relationships easily.

I admire those sprinters who take the rapid plunge, but no matter how much I might admire them, I tend to go slowly.

Whether or not one takes the plunge or moves at the rate of a glacier, I believe depth is the key.  The shallow end isn’t as interesting.  Standing in water up to one’s knee is okay, but a breeze comes up or the aggressive one near you plunges in and splashes you.  There is more to do in the deep end of the pool.  It is more satisfying.

The depth of the relationship is the key.  The more one is willing to share, to experience is the key.  The more one is willing to be receptive, to accept is important.  Take a look at those who are meaningful in your life, those who are so important to you that you long for their voice, a word or laugh from them, or those who are important just to be near even though no word is spoken.  I’m willing to bet you have more depth with them than with others.  The relationships you have in the deep end of the pool are the ones that are most satisfying to you.

No matter if you wade in or take a running start, getting to the deep end of the pool is the key.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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