Friday, January 18, 2013


I remember as a kid going into a House of Mirrors and laughing at the various distortions reflected back at me.  Oh how I wish I had the mirror that makes me look taller and thinner!  Wish I had one of those for myself.  And I’d certainly like the one that splits me in two- I can see a need for that one some days as busy as I am.

I wonder when you gaze at a mirror while brushing your teeth, fixing your hair or straightening your tie, who is it that reflects back at you?  Is it a distortion such as in the House of Mirrors?  Is it someone you want and aspire to be?  Is it someone you’re disappointed in?  Someone you’d rather not be at all? Are there times when you don’t want to even look in the mirror, ashamed at what you did, what you said, how you acted, what you have become?

I’ve always felt that the words one speaks, the words one writes, and the tone of those words, along with the actions that correspond (or not?) to those words are the measures of the person’s heart and soul.  At times, I catch myself not speaking or acting or writing as the person I want to be, the person I aspire to be and it shames me.  At times, I mouth words that I don’t believe, write words that I don’t believe, and act in a way that, well, isn’t me.  So, I strive to make amends and to do better next time.  I set my best foot forward, start over and try again.

No one is perfect.  I get that.  But I believe that we need to be true to the person who reflects back at us in the mirror, true to the words we speak and write and true to the tone with which those words are spoken and written.  I think we need to be true to how we act.  There needs to be congruence between words, tone and actions.  If not, we’re just distortions.  If we work on congruence, then I think we can be proud of who we see reflecting back at us.

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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