Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The daylight on the western horizon turns from orange to red, and then from pink to gray, and finally to indigo.  The day’s events might poke and prod me as I try to relax.  The laughter from the dinner table, the stories shared while we’re eating causes me to smile.  I relax with a book, a favorite TV show or movie.  I might help with homework or take part in quiet conversation with my family. 

Eventually, I unwind, turn off and shut down in order to charge back up to begin again, begin anew.

Most every evening, I look back on what took place during the day.  Conversations I had, things I did.  Sometimes, I think about the conversations I should have and could have had, along with the things I should have and could have done.  I know there were missed opportunities along the way.  I’m never really satisfied being the perfectionist that I am.  Meditation and self-reflection can be hell on those of us who are perfectionists, even though we realize we are human.

To me, evening reflection is important.  It marks a place in life’s journey where I can look back, see where I’ve been, and try to avoid the ruts, the roots and the rocks that I had tripped over on my way.  Without looking back, we forget just where we’ve been, how far we’ve come and what we overcame to get where we are now.  Without looking back, we are doomed to rewind and repeat.  That isn’t necessarily productive or positive or healthy.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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  1. Good to read Joe. Dad wasn't a guy who gave those deep talks, but was a great role model to live to.


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