Sunday, June 2, 2024

The Phone Call

There are times in my life, too many, actually, when Kim or I receive an early morning or late-night phone call from family or a friend. Typically, these kinds of phone calls don’t bring good news.

There was one stretch of four such phone calls that began in October 2013 when my sister Judy called to tell me my nephew died in a freak car accident. On April 1st of 2014, again, my sister Judy called to tell me my mom passed away at the age of 99. Then, the absolute worst phone call came at 12:38 AM on July 13 from the sister of my daughter-in-law letting Kim and me know our son, Wil, was shot and killed in the afternoon of July 12. The last of that four phone call stretch occurred in August 2014, when the son of a dear friend called to tell Kim and me his father had passed away after a fight with cancer. That four phone call stretch was brutal. More than brutal. Like a gauntlet. I honestly don’t remember much of anything that took place in 2014. I don’t even know how I got through the year. 

Lately, I’ve received text messages or phone calls or posts on my messenger app letting me know this friend, family member, former staff member or colleague is not doing well or perhaps, is now deceased. It isn’t easy. It’s never easy. 

Most recently, a dear staff member who had retired received sad news about her husband’s cancer diagnosis. And to compound the feeling of sadness, I received a message and then a call from my niece, whose father has serious health issues. This niece and her two sisters and brother had just lost her mom this past September. My sister. And if that wasn’t enough, my wife received a phone call. Her brother is in the hospital dealing with health issues related to his heart and his back. 

It’s never easy, but such is the way of life, isn’t it? I know many of you reading this are ticking off the various phone calls you’ve received throughout your life, and perhaps, like me, have received recently. As I said, it isn’t easy. It’s never easy. 

I’ve written over and over in this blog about not wasting time, about not using time purposely and impactfully. I’ve urged you repeatedly to let those who are near to you, dear to you- friends or family or both- that you love them, that you value them. For you to reach out and simply say hello, to say I was thinking about you. 

And more importantly, I’ve urged you to let those who are dear to you know you love them, that you care about them, that they are important to you. That would be a much better phone call to receive, don’t you think? And it might make the next phone call less impactful because you took the time beforehand to take care of the necessary and important business of letting him-her know you love them and that you care. Something to think about …

Live Your Life and Make A Difference! 

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