Sunday, April 7, 2024

All About Perspective

Any of you who have read my posts know I, like many of you, am a creature of habit. I have a morning routine I follow nearly every day. 

Upon rising, I stand at the window and look out across the backyard. Specifically, the early predawn sky and the lake. I try to spot what birds might be visiting our trees or fence, maybe a squirrel or rabbit. Sometimes deer in the very back outside of our property. 

Then I go about my business and get ready for the day. Once done, I again stand at the window. This time, the sun is up and it’s splashing the waves caused by a breeze. Trees wave at me. Birds bounce from limb to limb. 

I do my morning meditations and then stand at the window for one last look. The sun is higher in the sky, maybe towards the tops of the trees, but not over them. Not yet. Too early. 

When I stand at the window, I seldom look left. 

Trees have been cut down. The ground is cleared because someone felt the need to add more houses to our subdivision. Mounds of red clay. A mountain of boulders that had been blasted to make way for the “development.” A large green mountain created when they cleared the land and with planted grass on it rises above the area like a gangrenous boil. No telling when it will be lanced and removed along with the mountain of boulders. Not soon enough, as far as I am concerned. Both, like the clear-cut earth and the chopped down trees, unwelcome and ugly. 

I am content to look to my right and not to my left. 

On my right, it is peaceful and serene. On my left, it is ugly and unsettling. 

Interestingly, both stand about twenty or thirty yards from each other. Untouched woods separating the two scenes. The woods, a home to wildlife. The birds perch in the trees above while fox, rabbit, squirrels and deer run below. Their home encroached upon by “development.”

I look at the woods, averting my eyes from the left, content to watch the middle and the right.

Interesting how my perspective, and along with it, my feelings, change in a mere twenty or thirty yards. A slight shift of my eyes. A matter of perspective. A conscious choice I make each morning to bring peace and serenity to my morning.

And I thought, how many of us make the choice to look right rather than left? How many of us choose peace and serenity over chaos? All in twenty or thirty yards. A choice to make. A choice of perspective. Something to think about …

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