Sunday, May 14, 2023

Mother's Day

 Moms deserve more than one day, don’t you think? For all they do and put up with, for the big and little worries that fill up their hearts, yet still have room for love, patience, kindness, and understanding. I mean, Kim puts up with me- that says something right there! She deserves an upgrade and a raise, for sure!

Kim and I lived in three different states, in five different cities, and an equal number of houses, if not more. Two big moves from California to Wisconsin and then Wisconsin to Virginia. The toughest was from Wisconsin to Virginia. 

I had moved to Virginia in January 2008, while she packed up the house in Wisconsin, shuttled Hannah and Emily to swim and soccer practices, and took classes at the same time. All while traveling about 45 minutes to and from a middle school where she taught health and physical education five days a week. During a tough Wisconsin winter, I should add. It wasn’t easy, but if anyone could do it, it would be Kim. 

Three wonderful children, one of whom is deceased- tough on any mom. Watching them grow into successful and happy adults with lives and futures of their own, along with a son- and daughter-in-law, and a soon-to-be son-in-law. Always within reach of the phone in case one or the other has a question or needs advice, always ready for a car ride in case they need more than a talk on the phone.

And now, we expect our first grandchild. What a wonderful grandma she will be! 

Who knows what our future holds, but I can say, honestly and sincerely, say she has made my life happier. I can only hope she can say the same about me- sometimes I doubt it.

With much love, Happy Mother’s Day, Kim! Hopefully, with many, many more to come!

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