Friday, July 27, 2018

In Silence

There are times in the year when I feel particularly pushed and pulled. There are times in the year when I want to slow it all down. Times when I feel I can’t move fast enough. That is not to say I’ve ever moved very quickly, but I could, at one time, get around a bit.

We’re getting ready for the new school year. Parts of our building are getting a paint job. Floors are getting washed, waxed and polished. We’re deciding how we want to begin the year and sustain that effort and momentum throughout the year. It all takes time and planning and it seems that there isn’t enough time left.

Left . . .

Tomorrow, Hannah moves to Pittsburgh to begin her new life. She has a new job and a new apartment. Well, yes, she has been away at school for four or five years, but Kim and I always knew she’d be home for the summer or a weekend here or there. In Pittsburgh is her boyfriend and it seems to be permanence to it.

This time, there is a sense of finality. Yes, I understand that birds leave the nest. The butterfly emerges from the cocoon. Life marches on. Another chapter in the book of life. Whatever analogy you want to use, insert it here. I get it. You get it. But I don’t have to like it and I don’t.

I knew this day was coming. Sort of like standing on train tracks and staring at the bright light speeding towards me. It starts our slow and distant. But as it nears, the horn plays its discordant note, shouts it ugly tune. It picks up speed and then it’s on you.

I tried to prepare myself for it as best I can. But I have to admit, I’m hurting at the moment.

I’ve noticed that when hurting, I retreat inside a little. Maybe a lot, I guess. I become silent, perhaps brooding though I try not to do that. Brooding doesn’t do anyone any good.

I know Hannah is thinking about it too. So is Kim. But no one is saying much. Maybe because there is so much to say it’s overwhelming. Maybe because we don’t know how to begin, how to say it. There is so much feeling right now. The twist and turn of emotion- up, down, sideways.

And we’re left with silence.

At times, silence can be comforting. Silence can be like that fluffy soft sweater and comfortable pair of jeans with feet snug and warm in slippers as you sit on the couch in a corner and listen and think. Silence can be like the warm fire, snapping and popping along, the glow and shadow dancing haphazardly, rhythmically. A favorite chair. Feet on the hassock or curled under you as you sip a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Listening to the sounds of the house. Listening to the sounds of . . . silence.

The energy seems to leave you slowly, steadily like . . . life. That life. That one life.

And we’re left with memories. First steps. The coffee mug with her picture. The leather bracelet she gave me. The trip to Disney World way back when she was a kid. Scoring the goal for the other team because she had a breakaway in the wrong direction and her tears upon realizing that she had done something wrong. Dancing with me at her prom, neither of us caring what anyone thought.

Tears after a breakup. Her struggle with this subject and that teacher. An email asking for editing help. Endless laughter and stories about her day and kids and people within it.

So she’ll leave tomorrow morning and amongst the bags of clothes and shoes and knickknacks will be my heart. My heart forever hers. Forever. Enough of it, anyway, so that it will help her through busy times and hard times and all times in between. Enough of it so that she will know and remember and smile and find hope and love. Lots of love. Always love. Forever. Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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