Friday, December 15, 2017

The Simplest Gift

You know as I get older, my Christmas list gets shorter. And with the exception of a couple of items, I think it gets more meaningful. I look at some gifts from years past and some of the more meaningful ones are the gold chain Emily and Hannah gave me for my St. Andrew medal, the silver chain and pendant Kim got me for our anniversary this past summer, the leather bracelet Hannah brought back from Costa Rica, and the little peanut character that sits on my bookshelf with the caption, “Nuts About My Dad” from Emily about nine years ago. There are many others.

One of the Christmas carols being played on radio this time of season is, Little Drummer Boy. I have to admit that song isn’t even in my top five, but I think the message is important.

It’s about a little shepherd boy. Back then, they were poor folk, simple folk, probably didn’t have much education, since in that time and place, education was reserved for wealthier folks. According to the song, this little boy saw a Baby Jesus in a manger with his Mother and wanted to give Him a gift. I suppose he was a little embarrassed because he didn’t have a shirt or blanket to give. He didn’t have anything at all, except for his drum. He asked for permission to play for the Baby, and it was granted so he did. As best he could. And as the song goes, Mary nodded and Baby Jesus smiled at him.

A Simple Gift. A meaningful one at that because he gave all he could and it came from his heart.

I am continually blown away by my staff- each of you! This month alone, my staff and students collected 6,000+ pounds of food for an American Legion Post to help feed the needy. Every ornament was taken off of the Angel Tree in the staff conference room. Each ornament represented a “wish” from a student or parent for something for Christmas. Lots of money was spent and lots of presents were purchased for them. Yesterday, a staff member sent out an SOS because he and his wife were trying to support a family in need. Staff responded with couches, beds, chairs, kitchen utensils . . . you name it. And all of it in one day!

All of this done for others. All of this done because of compassion. People care above and beyond self.

At a recent staff meeting, I mentioned that sometimes holidays aren’t so happy. Especially this year, there has been so much loss: deaths of parents, of spouses, of loved ones. Staff members battling severe health issues bravely and silently though I am certain they are scared and worried. I am aware of one student who has brain cancer. I am aware that another student’s father is dying of cancer and has three months to live. And there are others. Others.

I can’t imagine any gift that might help any one of them. I mean, one sits down to eat a Christmas or Holiday meal and there sits an empty chair. A chair previously sat in. The laughter and lightness of the season diminished into a cloud of worry, of doubt, of emptiness. Of sadness. Of pain.

One can only hope that a Simple Gift of kindness- a smile, a kind word, a hug- might let someone know you care . . . that we care. That we are there.

So perhaps this season, if not all seasons, each of us- you and I- can give each other (and ourselves) The Simplest Gift. The gift of kindness, which costs absolutely nothing. A kind word. A smile. A hug.

Because if we don’t, it may never happen. If we don’t, that person may never know. And if we don’t take care of ourselves, how is it possible to take care of anyone else? So please, keep giving. Please do so. But perhaps give The Simplest Gift, like in the manner of the Little Drummer Boy. Giving what he could, what he had to offer to the very best of his ability and position. We can too. We should too. Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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