Friday, September 22, 2017

In Service

It seems like the earth is not real happy right now! Hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, you name it. All of it happening at once is a bit disconcerting, if not downright frightening. And to think there is a second round and perhaps a third round on the way. I ponder that and can only shake my head and murmur a prayer or two.

In my meditation this morning, I read the passage about the washing of feet. Interesting in that the Master, the Leader did the washing and not the other way around.

Think about that for a minute . . .

Back then, there weren’t any fancy Nikes to wear. For men, there weren’t any Corthay Derby Shoes costing $2100 (seriously, who buys those?) or Brooks Brothers costing $175. For women, there weren’t any Manolo Blahnik costing $965. There weren’t even any Chucky Taylors.

Men and women wore sandals. Not Birkenstock sandals, either. Back then, footwear- if there was any and for some, there probably wasn’t any- was cheap and inexpensive.

And then, you have the whole “feet thing.” The dirt and the grime and the sweat. The smell. Not very pleasant no matter who’s they are.

So for the Master, the Leader, the Savior to wash a follower’s feet was something. A lesson for us just in that, I think. Humbling, kneeling before them. Placing oneself lower than another. A whole new meaning to someone considered to be and looked upon as a leader.

So . . .

We’ve read stories about human chains- folks holding hands to reach someone stranded in raging waters. We read stories about folks volunteering their time and their boats to get to Houston or Florida to help rescue people trapped and surrounded by water. We see pictures of men and women carrying others to safety. Children and pets being rescued and saved.

Men and women risking their lives in water or in fire or in rubble. Unknown to each other, but brought together because they care . . . we care. Brought together because we are all human and all connected. Brought together because, well, because next time it could be a family member. One’s mom or dad or grandparent. A child. Next time, it might be you or it might be me.

So today, I want to give silent praise and thanks for all of those who have gone out of their way or are going out of their way to help another soul. To those who put their own lives on hold because there was a need of another, of others- a need more urgent than our own. To those who volunteered or were voluntold to go help. To those who collected money and clothes and food and water, and to those who gave money, clothes, food and water. To those who are working to bring back running water and electricity. To those who are helping to rebuild.

I am humbled and in awe of your sacrifice, your caring and your concern. Your giving. Perhaps those of us who can’t help, if we just don’t hurt, that might be at least something. Wouldn’t it? Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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