Friday, April 21, 2017

Where Would I Be?

From time to time, I’ve written about the need to keep focused ahead rather than living in one’s past. We don’t get very far when we look over our shoulder. We trip, stumble and run into things if we constantly look back.

I mean, looking backwards serves a purpose. The first is to let us know just how far we’ve come. For some, the journey wasn’t easy. So by looking back, we can appreciate how far we’ve grown, how much we’ve overcome, how much we survived.

And the second is to literally and figuratively gauge where we’ve come from and appreciate where we are now. Sounds like I’m repeating myself, but I’m not.

I am sixty-three years old. Worked in five states. I’m happily married with three great kids, one deceased. I have a job that I love so I don’t see as a “job” per se, but as a vocation. I work with kids and I have the best staff in the world.

I’ve come a long way from the wet-behind-the-ears kid, who at age twenty-two began teaching and coaching about a thousand miles from home and family without the benefit of having anyone near me. I confess I didn’t know what I was doing at the time. I’ve had some patient mentors along the way. Mostly, I learned from the kids.

As a dad, I’ve learned a lot and know I have so much more to learn. It is as a dad that I find myself looking backward and wondering how my kids survived me. Mistakes, sometimes harsh words I wish never left my mouth or entered my head. My heart hurts thinking about all those mistakes. Wish I could “do over” here and there and make things better. Best I can do is learn from those experiences and vow to do better.

As a husband and friend, I find myself shaking my head as I wonder how Kim puts up with me. I have done nothing to deserve this gift I was given, but I am so appreciative of the love and the friendship I have.

So with those thoughts . . .

Today, I’m asking you to take a look back and ask yourself the rhetorical question, Where Would I Be . . .

without that one painful experience you suffered through and yet survived?
without that one relationship you regret and learned from?
without the push and pull from that one teacher who never gave up on you?
without that painful family relocation when you thought life as you knew it was going to end?
without that one boss, that one co-worker who made life miserable for you?

Where Would I Be . . .

without  . . .
Or perhaps, Where Would I Be . . .

with . . .

Because it works both ways.

We learn because of and we learn from. We learn from others as well as learn without others. Without others, we learn to trust our own heart, our own head and listen to our own soul.

Where Would You Be if you had remained in that one relationship, with that one person who you thought was “the one”? Where Would You Be if you had stayed in that one job? Where would you be if you had stayed in one place and never moved? Where Would You Be? Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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