Friday, February 5, 2016

Plan And Prepare

We knew the forecast was for snow. Actually, there were several forecasts and several weather models and it all depended upon where the storm would actually track. I listened to the weatherman- or meteorologist, I suppose is the correct title- and I looked at his weather map that resembled a pile of colored spaghetti that fell out of the box (something I’ve done a time or two).

Most of the channels agreed. The only difference was in how many inches of snow we’d get. The common theme was that we’d get a lot.

So . . .

On we went to Walmart. Purchased the necessities and made sure we had enough to get us through several days, maybe one or two extra “just in case.” Kim and I checked our lists just to be certain. Now, we only live 1.6 miles from Walmart, but when it snows, everything is shut down and we knew that if the amount of snow predicted was accurate, we’d be snowed in for several days. So we Planned And Prepared.

To paraphrase John Fogerty in one song and Steve Earle in another, “The Snow (rain) came down . . .”And we shoveled, and shoveled, and shoveled.

There are two things Kim likes to do when she is restless: she puts together puzzles and she bakes. I read and write and watch movies. Emily plows through Netflix, reads, and after a little prodding, she does some homework. But at least we did the Planning And Preparing.

Got me thinking . . .

We Plan And Prepare for much in our life. Now is tax season, so we gather our records and receipts and try to make sense of it all. The young ones write and rewrite cover letters and polish resumes in hopes of obtaining a job. Those of us who are getting older, look at the possibility of retirement looming off on the horizon and watch the stock market to see what it might be doing to our 401Ks. When we were younger, we put money aside for savings, for vacations, for kids’ college.

We Plan And Prepare for a lot of what goes on in our lives. But, there is much we can’t Plan And Prepare for.

The car that won’t start when we really need it to. The roof that gets damaged in a storm. The leak from a pipe that can’t be found easily. The washer or dryer that quits. A sick pet. Sudden illness, and sometimes sudden and unexpected death.

Can’t Plan And Prepare for much of that.

But it seems to me that if we lead quality lives . . . lives filled with joy and love, with giving and sharing, the Planning And Preparation for that final call, that final goal is accomplished along the way. Seems to me that if we lead quality and compassionate and caring lives, the Planning And Preparation comes naturally or at least doesn’t seem insurmountable or impossible. And if along the way we help and lift up those around us, those in our lives, we tend to help each other Plan And Prepare.

Seems to me that’s the way we should live anyway . . . helping not only ourselves, but also those around us, those in our lives. Makes our world, and their world a better place to be. Makes all the Planning And Preparing a little easier in the long run. Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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