Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another Beginning

Summer is a time of growth and lush beauty.  Flowers are in bloom.  The sun is warmer, days hotter, and where I live, it is humid.  Still, a nice time to be alive.

Fall is a time when the earth shows its age.  The leaves on trees change colors, die and fall off the branch.  Sweatshirts and jeans replace shorts and t-shirts.  I have to admit that I love fall a little more than the other seasons.  There is a different tone to the air, a different feel, a brisk crispness, I think, that doesn’t exist in the other seasons.

I find it interesting that we begin a school year in the fall.  I mean, learning should equate to growth, to beginning.  The beginning of school seems to be the opposite of the season in which it begins.  Interesting to me how that works.

Today, I spoke to about 500 kids, 400 of which are about to begin high school for the first time.  Nervous laughter.  Some quiet.  Most curious.  The other 100 or so were the upper classmen who have been around for several years, who have been walking the halls of high school for a while, and were in those same seats as freshmen not too long ago.

I purposely held the door to the auditorium and greeted parents as they arrived.  I’d say things like, “Welcome!” or “Good morning!” or “Thank you for coming!”  I could tell that several were nervous also.  Others, old vets who have been through this drill before with one of their older children.

For me, this year is bittersweet.  My youngest is one of the seniors who has been through it and who is anxious to get moving and get it done.  As a dad, I’m not that anxious, certainly not as anxious as she is.  I imagine there are other parents in my shoes.

Part of the natural progression of things, of life.  Ease the child out into the real world, watch them grow, struggle a little, pick them up when they fall- and they will.  They all do.  We all do.  Be there to help them back up and let them know that it’s okay, things will be alright.  Let them know that you love them.

Parents entrusting their children to teachers who will help guide, support, and mentor.  Hopefully love them enough to help them back up once the kids fall.  And they will.  We all have.  To let them know it’s okay, things will be alright.  Let them know that they love them.  At least, that they care.

And, as a principal, I have to tell you that I have some of the very best.  They work wonders with kids.  Kids enter their rooms and magic happens.  You don’t believe in magic?  Come to my school and I’ll show you what real magic looks like.  Every day.  Hallways, classrooms, parking lot, the practice field- doesn’t matter where or when.  Magic happens because they care.

So parents, kids, relax a little.  As the commercial says, “You’re in good hands with  . . .”  I believe that.  We care.  We’ll do our best and when there is a bloody knee or a bruise because of a fall, someone will be there to help pick them up, to let them know it’s okay, that things will be alright.  Absolutely.  After all, it’s magic.  It’s real and it happens.  Something to think about . . .

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