Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Up On The Pedestal

On the mantle above our fireplace sits two decorative but small candelabra with scented candles.  A small musical picture frame that contains Kim’s and my wedding program.  A gift from my sister-in-law.

We have a small side table in our dining room, void of any furniture except for that. On it are pictures of our kids, our dog Bailey, and two pictures of Kim and me.  One from our wedding and the other on a trip when we were engaged.  Our favorite pictures.

I’m sure you have similar items, trinkets and knickknacks in your house or office.  Reminders.  Things near and dear and valued.

Sometimes we put people on mantles and pedestals.

Not sure why we do.  But they are there nonetheless.

Famous athletes who earn millions of dollars for hitting a small round ball.  For shooting a ball through a hoop.  For throwing a football.  Maybe catching or running with one.  Sometimes the glamorous who appear in movies and in our television shows acting funny, romantic, serious or dramatic.  Perhaps ones who sing so sweetly and play guitar.

Not sure why they’re there.  But there they are.  Up On The Pedestal.

The problem is, at least one of the problems, is that they are human.  Very human. 

When they don’t act as we think they should, off the Pedestal they fall.  Some slowly, gracefully, like the actor or actress who age beyond the action hero role they normally play.  Perhaps the face becomes too wrinkled.  Hair turns too gray.  Can’t quite sing as they used to once upon a time.  We’re shocked that this singer, that actor turns 50 . . . 60 . . . 70.

Even worse when this person or that person makes a mistake.  Takes a wrong step.  Heaven forbid he or she fails to live up to our expectations.  The role that we’ve assigned to them. 

No longer Up On The Pedestal.

Some of it their own tragedy.  Drugs.  Sex.  Stupidity.  Lack of guidance.  Lack of direction.  Too much money, glamor, notoriety too soon.  Far too soon at such a young age.

Human.  Very human.

I’m careful of who I put Up On The Pedestal.  Very careful.

Because once up, the only place they can fall is down.  Knocked down by accident.  Taken down because . . . well, just because.  I’ve decided long ago that I don’t really want to be Up On The Pedestal.  Not really.  It’s a long, and often lonely, way down.  Besides, I’m not that famous.  Not famous at all.  Too old.  Too wrinkly.  Too many mistakes.  Too many missteps.

Human.  Very human.  Our heroes.  Those we think are heroes.  Those who we think we like and want to be like.  All human.  Very human.  And they, like we, make mistakes.  Take missteps.  Human.  Something to think about . . .

Live Your Life, and Make A Difference!

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