Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Hope For You!

“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.”

I don’t know who said this or I would attribute this appropriately, but I wanted to use this quote because I like it and because I feel it is applicable to each of us.  In the past two weeks, we’ve been through so much, but the good thing is that we’ve been through it together. 

We’re much stronger together than we are separate.  It’s tough to take on a situation or circumstance alone. There is comfort in knowing that someone else feels as we do, that someone else is struggling just as we are.  We really aren’t alone- ever!  There is always someone else who has the same sort of feelings, concerns, worries, problems, and fears.  Separate and apart, it can be too much.  Together, it seems bearable.

One of the most touching stories coming out of the tragedy in Connecticut was the story of the six year old who died in the arms of his favorite teacher.  They suffered together, somehow giving comfort to each other, sharing their fear with each other, and in the end, died together.  The parents of the little boy felt so much better because he was with his favorite teacher in the very end.  Little comfort, I’m sure, but comfort nonetheless.

We march through this world together.  We’re really never alone.  Even when it seems as if we’ve had too much, can’t take any more, we’re not alone.  We struggle together, laugh together, worry together, and always, hope together.  We have faith that all will be right, that things will work out and in the end, what seemed mighty and insurmountable, well, it is less because we’ve survived the storm and we did it together.

My hope for each of you is serenity.  To know that you are never alone.  Each of you, yes each of you, are never far away from my thoughts.  I have your back and I take comfort in knowing you have mine.  After all, we’re together.  

Live Your Life, And Make A Difference!

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